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I've been making art a long time. This collection of
publications are a few of my very favorites captured
at different times of my creative career.

Old Town Printshop

The Process

The details are what makes my craft unique. It's the ink, it's Margot (the etching press), it's the paper, and the brayers, and all the things. This collection is the best alternative to the real thing.

Corporate Art

From UICA, to The Detroit Institute of Art, Lululemon, and more! This collection features the best of my corporate art work.


Have you found your spirit animal yet? If not you should check out this collection of real and imaginary animals created to represent a myriad of inner thoughts.
Can you tell what they're saying?

Fine Dining

In this collection I explore the fine art of fine dining. If you're on a diet cheat days can be every day if you want them to be!

Old Town Printshop

275+ More Prints

What you've seen here is a small snapshot of the entire collection. To see the new pieces and peruse the other 275 other works (and counting) please contact the artist, Kimberly Lavon, at the top of the home page for an appointment. Thanks! Ciao!

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